A significant and deadly tornado outbreak sequence took place from March 24–27, 2021 in the Southern United States, with the bulk of activity primarily on March 25, which resulted in the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) issuing its second high-risk outlook for the month of March, as well as the second high-risk outlook for 2021. A total of 42 tornadoes have been confirmed so far, including ones that prompted the issuance of rare tornado emergencies near Hoover, Alabama, Brent and Centreville, Alabama, and in the Newnan, Georgia area. March 27 also saw widespread tornado activity across East Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee with several strong tornadoes touching down. The event also produced widespread flooding across Tennessee.

Five people were killed near Ohatchee, Alabama by a low-end EF3 tornado while a low-end EF4 tornado and an EF2 tornado killed one each in Newnan, Georgia and near Carthage, Texas, respectively.

Sirens in Newnan gave people about 15 to 20 minutes of warning before the tornado hit, residents said.  As the tornado crossed into Coweta County and approached Newnan, a tornado emergency was issued. The tornado reached EF3 intensity as it approached Newnan, causing major damage to several homes, leaving one home with only the back wall standing. As the now massive tornado entered the southwest side of town, it reached its peak at low-end EF4 intensity, completely leveling newly-built homes, with some of them partially swept away. There was also widespread EF2-EF3 damage, with homes seeing the partially to complete removal of their second-story with a wide swath of trees being snapped in and around the homes. The tornado also damaged every building at the Newnan High School with low-end EF3 damage to one structure that had its roof removed. The tornado weakened to EF2 intensity as it moved through downtown Newnan, damaging the Justice Center and causing extensive roof and window damage to an administrative buildings. Hundreds of homes were damaged by tornadic wind and falling trees. It weakened further as it crossed Interstate 85, causing damage and briefly regained EF2 intensity just east of Newnan. This was the first EF4 tornado to occur in Georgia since the 2011 Ringgold tornado.

Team 180 is deploying with volunteers, work crews, semi-loads of equipment, product, food, cleaning supplies, and building materials to help families who were devastated by the storms.

There are many ways to make a difference!

  • PRAY: Would you join us in praying for the families and communities of Oklahoma who have been affected by this natural disaster?

  • GIVE: You can donate funds, supplies, equipment, etc. that will go directly to families in need!

  • SERVE: We are currently receiving Volunteer Relief Teams!

Available opportunities to SERVE:

  • Food, Cooking, & Food Distribution Teams

  • Manual Labor (chainsaw/debris removal, etc)

  • Ministry Teams

  • Warehouse & Distribution Teams

  • Administrative Team

Our Disaster Relief Response Team is heading towards Newnan, Georgia April 6th-11th, 2021 (Tuesday-Sunday).

If you would like to join this trip or for more information about our Volunteer Disaster Response Team hitting the ground, fill out the form below!


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