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Hurricane Ida was a deadly and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that became the second-most damaging and intense hurricane to strike the U.S. state of Louisiana on record, behind Hurricane Katrina, and is tied for the strongest landfall in the state by maximum winds with Hurricane Laura a year before. The storm also caused catastrophic flooding across the Northeastern United States. Ida is the sixth-costliest tropical cyclone on record, having caused at least $50 billion (2021 USD) in damages, of which $18 billion was in insured losses in Louisiana, surpassing Hurricane Ike of 2008.


On August 29, the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Ida made landfall near Port Fourchon, Louisiana. Throughout its path of destruction in Louisiana, more than a million people had no power in total. Widespread heavy infrastructural damage occurred throughout the southeastern portion of the state, as well as extremely heavy flooding in coastal areas. The remnants of the storm produced a destructive tornado outbreak and catastrophic flash flooding in the Northeastern United States on September 1. Flooding in New York City prompted the shutdown of much of the transportation system. As of September 4, a total of 91 deaths have been confirmed in relation to Ida. States of emergency were declared for Louisiana and portions of the Northeast. Several sporting events were also moved, delayed, or cancelled by the storm.

Team 180 is deploying with volunteers, work crews, semi-loads of equipment, product, food, cleaning supplies, and building materials to help families who were devastated by the storms.

There are many ways to make a difference!

  • PRAY: Would you join us in praying for the families and communities of Louisiana who have been affected by this natural disaster?

  • GIVE: You can donate funds, supplies, equipment, etc. that will go directly to families in need!

  • SERVE: We are currently receiving Volunteer Relief Teams!

Available opportunities to SERVE:

  • Cooking & Food Distribution Teams

  • Manual Labor (chainsaw/debris removal, roofing repair & tarping, etc.)

  • Ministry Teams

  • Warehouse & Supply Distribution Teams

Our Disaster Relief Response 1st Wave Team is heading towards Louisiana September 9th-19th, 2021.


If you would like to join this trip or for more information about our Volunteer Disaster Relief Teams hitting the ground, click on the button below to sign up or email us at:

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