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Powerful storms roared across parts of southern Oklahoma and produced dangerous and unusual tornadoes, including one incredibly rare type. At least four people are dead, including an infant, after a tornado outbreak in Oklahoma overnight.

Multiple large and extremely dangerous tornadoes were reported on the ground simultaneously overnight Saturday across parts of Oklahoma, according to the National Weather Service. A fourth death happened in the hard-hit town of Sulphur and several other towns near in Murray County, Oklahoma, Gov. Kevin Stitt said at a Sunday news conference.

The weather service confirmed 22 tornadoes in the Norman area. Tornadoes of at least EF-3 strength slammed into Sulphur and Marietta on Saturday night, according to the weather service. An EF-3 rating indicates wind speeds of 136 mph or more.

He issued an emergency disaster declaration and will be touring storm damage in Sulphur and Holdenville, the governor shared in a video message.

There were reports of injuries, property damage, flooding and downed power lines and trees across several counties Saturday night, the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said. The extent of the damage was unclear early Sunday.

Sulphur, about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City, saw injuries and impacts from what appears to be at least two large tornadoes overnight as a flood warning was issued for the city, according to the weather service.

The National Weather Service reported that Barnsdall, a town of about 1,000 people located a 40-minute drive north of Tulsa, was leveled shortly after 9:30 p.m. A storm survey team found damage Tuesday that is consistent with at least an EF-4 strength tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. It was the second tornado to hit the town in five weeks.

"It just hit all of a sudden," said Joy King, who felt pressure in her ears, which intensified into a loud noise. The storm cellar door she was hiding in then blew open, and debris started to fly everywhere. "I even had it latched to a bolt in the floor, and it just ripped it off."

A Tornado Emergency, the most dire of tornado alerts, was issued for Osage County in Oklahoma on Monday evening as the storm approached. The NWS referred to a "large and destructive tornado" moving toward Barnsdall and causing catastrophic damage. The Tornado Emergency for Barnsdall was just the second one ever issued by the NWS in Tulsa, and one of 13 Tornado Warnings issued by that office on Monday. It was the first tornado to make a direct hit on Barnsdall since 2008. 

There are many ways to make a difference!

  • PRAY: Would you join us in praying for the families and communities of Louisiana who have been affected by this natural disaster?

  • GIVE: You can donate funds, supplies, equipment, etc. that will go directly to families in need!

  • SERVE: We are currently receiving Volunteer Relief Teams!

Available opportunities to SERVE:

  • Cooking & Food Distribution Teams

  • Manual Labor (chainsaw/debris removal, roofing repair & tarping, etc.)

  • Ministry Teams

  • Warehouse & Supply Distribution Teams

Our Disaster Relief Response 1st Wave Team is currently setup in Barnsdall, Oklahoma.

Contact us for how you connect with our teams onsite and serve hundreds of families in need!


If you would like to join this trip or for more information about our Volunteer Disaster Relief Teams hitting the ground, click on the button below to sign up or email us at:

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