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For weeks, Oklahoma residents were forcibly evacuated from their homes poised beside the bulging Arkansas River as historic floods swept through multiple communities, threatening the lives and livelihoods of every single person. 

“The most frustrating part is the feeling of helplessness, just being helpless,” Sandra Wright, the Webbers Falls mayor, told Fox News from her dark, hot office on the edge of the overflowing waters. “But we are trying to help people help other people, and keep everyone out of harm’s way.”

After several days of voluntary evacuation, the ordeal kicked into high gear the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend 2019 when a combination of police officers, municipality officials, and the fire department went door-to-door insisting everyone leave immediately.

Each forcibly displaced person has a heart-wrenching tale to tell. “I had just fifteen minutes to leave, I was so in shock I couldn’t think properly about what to take,” recalled Mary Lake, 70, a former antiques dealer who is now retired with her husband - a veteran of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “They knocked at the door and said if I didn’t go, I would need to write my name with scarlet letters on my arm so that when I floated up, they would know it was me.”- The flooded church in Webbers Falls (Fox News/Hollie McKay)

Once emergency crews allowed residents & the 180 Disaster Relief teams to survey the empty flooded town, awash with rusty brown water, twisted trees, and splintered structures, we were able to bring in construction teams, cleaning supplies, family food boxes, and water. Almost every building has been swallowed to some degree by lingering flood water, with no electricity, no running water.

Headquartered out of the Tulsa Dream Center (Tulsa) and in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, we are sending in trucks & teams daily to help residents muck-out their homes, restore items lost, and love on the residents facing devastation and despair. We partnered with The Tulsa Dream Center, Victory Reach, Convoy of Hope, Samaritans' Purse, and so many more amazing organizations to bring HOPE to so many families in need of help!

Oklahoma Floods 2019

Oklahoma Floods 2019
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